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Children's Uvdal

Miniskilek (Mini ski play) - parents no access!

For the smallest children (3-5 years), we recommend the Skis Shool's popular mini ski, which is a combination of ski school and ski kindergarten. Here the children learn through skilek basic skills in our children's ski area. We also try the mini-lift "Mjølner". If the kids get tired of skiing, we take a break and draw a great drawing for Mom and Dad in the ski shop.

The kids might even get to taste the "Magick Ski Potion"! 

Miniskilek is great f you need a childless hour or your children need a change, fun and play with other children.


Opening hours Monday to Friday: kl. 11am-2pm

Saturday and Sunday: kl. 12pm-3pm.

Contact Uvdal Skiing for more information.


Mini Park
Down the base area, to the right of the lift "Fenrisulven" you will find the "Balder" mini park. There is knot bullets and small jumps for those who think the challenges in the children's area isn't as challenging anymore. "Balder" has a green profile, and is suitable for smaller children who want a a few jumps, but not the "big and scary" ones.

Blue park
Here you will find 4 jumps of different sizes, from 3 meter flat to 8, a backside and a frontside corner. A small fun box and 4 rails: a smooth 6 meter, a flat 6 meter, a Shakira 3 meter and a Britney 3 meter.

The terrain park will be from the winter holidays approx. 1,000 meters long with around 20 items!


After closing time from Tuesday to Sunday, it is clear in the lighted Brage, for those who want to play with a toboggan or snow racer. Until noon 20:00 children and adults can play and have fun, right at the Uvdaltunet and the Alpintunet.


Remember that snow racing takes place at your own risk!

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