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Alpine Skiing

Uvdal Ski Center consists of two resorts:

Uvdal Alpin and Alpine Park.

The resort has 5 lifts and 25 runs. It's about 3. km. between the ski resorts. On weekends and all school holidays there is free ski bus every hour. The bus stops anywhere else and is therefore easy to use for smaller children as well.
Uvdal is always one of the first facilities in Norway to open for the season. Stable cold Norwegian climate makes Uvdal a snow-safe destination, with an almost 6 month long ski season.


The lifts in Uvdaltunet:

  • 1 chairlift

  • 3 T-hook lifts

  • 1 tire puller

Lift capacity per hour = approx. 5 700 people


The slopes in Uvdal:

  • 9 green, 9 blue, 6 red and 1 black ski slope

  • 2 terrain parks (Green and Blue w / red elements)

  • The longest slope is 6.4 km

  • Total length of slopes is approx. 25 km

  • Height difference 620 meter

  • Highest point is 1 209 meter above sea level with a panoramic view of Hardangervidda

  • Snow production in 7 km of trails and in both parks

  • About 55 snow cannons

  • Lights in 3 trays


The children's area

Uvdal Alpin has a children's area with 3 slopes and 2 lifts, a ski area for the smallest, and its own mini-park with little jumps for the slightly bigger children. All opposite to the cafeteria "Valhall" in the Service Building, and only 70-80 meters from the Uvdaltunet.


* Statistics from show normal values. 1 mm of rainfall is equivalent to approximately 1 cm of snow.

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