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The Ski School

Become a better skier with the ski school in Uvdal!


Sometimes both children and adults need guidance, and the advice from your friends and family isn't enough. Ski school either with a personal trainer, together with family or in a group, will increase self-esteem of all ages and the joy of being out in an alpine hill.

Get more enjoyment of the slopes in a safer and safer way!


Use a lesson to get an introduction to something new, or to change your old driving style. For the rest of the day, you can use to train what you've learned, and you'll get started sooner.


At the ski school at Uvdal Skiing you can get an introduction to the most basic techniques for more advanced courses. We teach in all branches and levels.


Group Courses

Uvdal Ski School offers group courses in alpine for all age groups, as well as snowboarding, carving and park courses for adults and youth.

Choose between 3 day courses Monday-Wednesday, weekend courses for children / youth and the Miniskilek (Mini ski playing) for the smallest kids.


Private Lessons

The ski school offers private lessons in alpine, snowboard, telemark, carving, park and snowmobiling. Private tuition is available for all branches and at all levels. The skier will adapt the course to your level and your wishes. Choose between 1, 2 or 3 hours of private tuition.

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