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Cross Country Skiing in Uvdal

From Uvdal Alpinsenter you have two options:
Put on the skis outside your door and choose either:

1. The ski trails along the river at approx. 7 km. This trail starts at the parking lot at the opposite side of the Service Building. You can ski to the Alpine Park, take the elevator to the top and continue the skiing in the Dagalifjell trail network.

2. Use the elevator or go up to the top of the chairlift, where you quickly get onto Hardangervidda with its magnificent scenery. (Check the weather before you leave, the winds can be quite strong!)


At Dagalifjell 7-8 minute drive away, you will find 12 roundabouts for cross country enthusiasts, with more than 100 km. tracks. We recommend to tour Torsetlia for a "cocoa and waffle stop"

Updated information about open cross-country trails throughout Uvdal can be found here.


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