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Environment and sustainability

Uvdal Booking -
a sustainable business

In Uvdal Booking we focus on driving environmentally friendly, based on sustainable principles. For example, we do not produce anything unnecessary like paper (for example, we only send invoices and driving directions electronically) we use light bulbs with sensors on the outside lights in our apartments to save power, and we use as much as possible local labor force.
In addition, our cleaners have in their instructions that they will shut down the heat in all our units after termination of rental and we do not advertise in print media - only electronically and on radio. We are now working to get approval as the Environmental Lighthouse.

For us it is natural to contribute to an environmentally friendly profile and local value creation. We follow UNWTO's principles for a sustainable tourism as far as is is practically possible. Innovation Norway and NHO Reiseliv have "adopted" this approach, and several major national projects are underway based on these principles. Here you can read about national industry groups.

Would you like to contribute when you are a guest with us? Turn off all the lights at night, do not keep the apartment or cottage unnecessarily warm and do your shopping for food and anything else you need locally in Uvdal! When traveling, sorted waste can be delivered on the opposite side of the parking lot to the resort.

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